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Shades of Soho
Lamp/ Chandelier Shop Website

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  • Client: Shades of Soho
  • Location: Glen Rock/ Norwood, NJ
  • Site URL:
  • Launch Date: June 2012

The Client

    Shades of Soho is a boutique lighting store located in New Jersey that sells custom-designed lamps and chandeliers. The lighting fixtures created at Shades of Soho convey bold, eclectic styles that can alter the mood of any room. They have two showrooms where they display many styles of their 100 percent New Jersey-made products that can fit the design styles of any customer. In addition to selling lamps and chandeliers, Shades of Soho also offers rewiring, repair and recovery services, as well as finials accents for lamps.

    Although they had a previous website, Shades of Soho came to G.A.L. Inc. in 2012 for the creation of a new website as well as Internet marketing services. Since the launch of their website and marketing services, Shades of Soho has climbed its way to page one of many Google searches, holding the top spots for a number of services provided by the company. Shades of Soho has experienced an increase in business since their website and marketing services began.


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