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SINCE 2001

G.A.L. Inc., creates unique and prosperous web presence for businesses, since 2001

Gal Davidi founded G.A.L. Inc. in 2001 to answer the question - " What do a business need on the web?"

Since 2001, Gal helped businesses create websites that both engage their audience and generate sales. We design and create a great presentation of your brand on the web, then implement highly effective multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Gal's interest in computers began at the age of 10, when he took his first basic computer programming course. This led to his professional career combining his love of computers and interest in working with businesses to solve their customer's problems and creating long-term sales relationships.

After moving to the United States, Gal continued his education by mastering more advanced computer programming (including HTML, Visual Basic, JavaScript, C++, SQL & databases, and ASP.) Upon graduation from Dover Business College with High Honors, Gal first launched a website services company with a partner, then spun off the business that is today GAL Inc. - focused on those programming and sales skills to create highly effective digital marketing and sales campaigns for his long-term clients to maximize their ROI.

Gal believes that knowledge is power, and the idea that if we get better every day, we will continue to move forward, surpassing our competitors. After more than 2 decades of implementing this approach, we know a lot and we are very much ahead of the competition with a greater value offering on the Website, SEO & digital marketing arena.

Today, Gal has built more than 600 websites and developed more than 20 web-based business solutions software customized to solve his client's business challenges as well as improve operations. Combining sales skills, website development, SEO, and Web campaign skills along with a vast track record of success over more than 20 years, we give our clients an edge in their internet marketing and the bottom line of sales.

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YEARS OF SUCCESS For us and for our clients.


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J. Bogush - Pump Products

(Since 2008)

G.A.L. Inc. delivered a lot. knowledge, advice and guidance. Made the right decisions every step of the way.
G.A.L. Inc. = Money!

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K. Omland - Omland & Osterkorn, Inc.

(Since 2016)

G.A.L. Inc. is one of the reasons our business is successful! He is very smart and knows exactly what to do

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Doug Fleischer Modern Propane

(Since 2007)

Gal is good. We've been using G.A.L. Inc. for various projects since 2007 consistently. They really know what they're doing

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Internet Marketing Agency

Are you looking for an Internet marketing agency to help your brand stand out on the internet? G.A.L. Inc. builds professional websites that rank extremely high on internet search engines. G.A.L. Inc has been delivering success through multi-channel digital marketing solutions.

Our goal is to increase sales for clients by utilizing our vast knowledge of internet marketing tools and technics.

We strategize your advertising campaign from the very first step of planning your new website project. Our marketing strategies, skills, and experience sets our clients apart from competition at the forefront of their industry.

Every page in the website promotes specific products or services. G.A.L. Inc. has been helping companies increase the consumer reach and, more importantly, its bottom line of sales. G.A.L. Inc. has been providing website development and Internet marketing services for many years to many local and national companies. We have many successful case studies of successful marketing campaigns for various industries.

For more information about G.A.L. Inc., the Internet marketing agency, contact us at (201) 703-0091.

G.A.L. Inc. - Your Trusted Internet marketing agency since 2001.

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N. Marks

New Direction ABA (Since 2017)

G.A.L. definitely knows what he's doing. As soon as he created my website, it was ranking #1 within days! He also is very responsive to emails / phone calls and is a great communicator


Blueray Heating cooling

Big thank you for the work you are doing for us. It's helpful and very quickly ranking high on Google. You are our hero Mr. Gal

M. Metzler

German Kitchen Center (Since 2015)

G.A.L. Inc. is a great company! They really know what they're doing and how to achieve web marketing success.