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Keyword Research • Market Research • Google Analytics

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At G.A.L. Inc., we believe it is very important to think things through about your brand before we make any marketing decisions. G.A.L. Inc. will perform all-around research, which includes finding out what your competition does, staying up-to-date with the current market and what we can do to begin promoting your sales online. The Internet is a live market – developments are always being established and updated. Whether it is a new directory that has been created or a new product that Google has developed, G.A.L. Inc. work to research and find out everything we can about these market updates. Online market research helps us to find the right outlets for promoting your brand. G.A.L. Inc. has the necessary computer and digital media skills needed to help your brand get more sales through the Internet.

Keyword Research

Using advanced industry tools, we carry out research for keywords pertaining to your company and business. We handpick optimal keywords that are scaled by relevancy and competition.

Market Research

Utilizing our keyword research, we compare how your website searches against competitors from the same field. We specifically identify the places where your competitors advertise in order to find better methods. In doing so we are able to develop a cohesive and focused marketing strategy that will push you ahead of competitors in your market.

Google Analytics

This web tool gives us insight into a website's traffic and its user behavior. Analytics helps us make better marketing decisions, which lets us know where your site gets most of its traffic from and which keywords your content can use for optimization. Using this tool after we conclude keyword and market research will allow us to make optimal decisions regarding our marketing strategies.

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In our portfolio, you can browse success stories of our clients in various industries. Our company is always ready to create a successful website and marketing campaigns for you.

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