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We learn about your business. We learn about your key proposition, your advantages, and your target audience.

We search the online gamefield to find unique marketing channels in order to reach the target audience and strategize a winning campaign.

We research online information about your brand, review your current website and web presence and examine what can be utilized for our benefit in the new project.

Responsive Website Design

We develop beautiful websites that render perfectly on any device. Whether it's a desktop, an iPad or a phone, your website will look perfectly fine and perfectly useable.

Website Design

Get the right look. The Internet is visual. Customers judge your website based on how it looks and how easy it is to use. The visual appeal has a psychological impact on the webpage visitors. Emotions are a fundamental ingredient of sales. Through visual cues, website visitors feel connected, become comfortable with your brand, and are more likely to become customers.

Website Content

The content of your website is the equivalent to a salesperson on the floor. It communicates your businesses offerings and advantages, to potential customers, to decide if you are the right solution for their needs.

From the introduction to the call to action, there is a flow of words that helps guide your reader along the way. When your website provides the information your potential customer is looking for, it helps them feel more secure to contact you or make a purchase.

Website SEO

The concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves embedded elements on the page, along with few other technical elements, that make the page optimized for a certain phrase.

G.A.L. Inc. creates well 'optimized websites' with content that is both search engines friendly and human friendly. Having your website ranking well, on internet search engines, for relevant searches, allow new customers to easily find you and drive sales to your business.


  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • ASP
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • Databases
  • SQL
  • Photoshop