Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

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Are you looking for an inventory management system for your business?

G.A.L. Inc. offers our clients inventory management system solutions through Visual Retail Plus Point of Sale System Integration. POS system integration's offers "Close to Real Time" reporting allows multiple locations to remain in-sync with the latest sales and inventory numbers across all their locations. Thanks to this system, clients can easily view sales numbers and manage inventory for both in person and online purchases simultaneously. Additionally, POS System Integration offers credit, debit and gift card processing on clients' websites and at the register with ease and security. Through Point of Sale System Integration, business owners and managers can check their daily sales numbers and inventory whether at their place of business or elsewhere from their phones, tablets and computers. Because the system is completely integrated, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that every product and every dollar is accounted for at all times.

Numerous businesses across many industries have seen their efficiency and profits increase because of POS System Integration. Current clients include clothing stores, sporting gear retailers, toy stores, jewelers, booksellers, furniture stores, tourism companies and more.

Point of Sale System Integration will give you and your customers peace of mind with its strong suite of security features. You will be able to personally tailor the permissions for each individual user according to their responsibilities. You will also be able to trust the safety of your company and your clients' information because each transaction complies with the latest PCI security standards.

Satisfied clients have reported rapid and seamless transitions to a POS Integrated System. In some cases, installation can be completed within a day. Because the system is designed from the ground up to be user-friendly, employees and owners can adapt quickly and with minimal training.


Multi-Location Functionality: Clients can use POS System Integration to track their sales and inventory across multiple locations at the same time. Because of this feature, clients will have the flexibility to manage each individual location and the company as a whole from wherever they happen to be.

Point of Sale: Point of Sale is fully-featured and user-friendly system to process and manage sales for both cashiers and managers. Sales and inventory data is automatically updated from POS for each individual location as well as the company as a whole on a regular basis.

Reporting: Profits and losses, hot and cold SKUs and other important data is reported to you at regular intervals over the program either on site or through a convenient app on your mobile device.

Inventory Management System: POS System Integration allows for easy tracking of inventory within and between locations. Users can organize and tabulate inventory within a variety of categories. For example, merchandise can be subdivided by inseam, length, shoe-size, color and more with different barcode tags created for each. Users can also track prices and average costs as well as the effectiveness of special promotions on sales.

Purchase Orders: POS Integrated Systems do more than track inventory: they can be programmed to re-order merchandise based on minimum and maximum quantities you set on a delivery schedule you can arrange in advance and can change at will.

Attendance Management: Employees can clock in and out through your POS Integrated System. They can also clock in at one location and out at another.

Marketing Tools: This system can track then when's, where's and what's of individual customers to help you better understand buying habits and track what they buy and when as well as which promotions and seasonal events are more likely to bring them back. It also has an option to create house accounts for regular and preferred customers.

Here are testimonials from satisfied clients:

Without any doubts, Visual Retail Plus is the software to go with. I have worked with them before, and knew that they can be trusted both for excellent software and a reliable support team to assist and be there for me at all times. All in all, Visual Retail Plus is user-friendly. The tech support staff is always on top of things and are knowledgeable, and the installation was smooth and completed within a day.

Lucky 21

As soon as we saw a demo of Visual Retail Plus and met the team, we knew that they were the software to go with. The implementation and training process was smooth, and that holds true until today when we have any questions. Since we started using Visual Retail Plus almost eight years ago, our inventory has been accurate, we know our loss and profits, and exactly how much was sold.

Empire Sports

One of the great things about this software is the number of reports you can run. You can analyze sales and inventory data in so many ways. It helps you become much more efficient at controlling your inventory. And if you think of a report that doesn't already exist, Visual Retail Plus allows you to write your own query to get the specific data you want. The customer service team is great. You feel like you have a real, personal relationship with them, and they're always there to help you whether it's an emergency or a quick training lesson.

Ramsey Outdoors

We came across Visual Retail Plus through a reseller who did the demo and installation for us. The implementation was smooth, and the training process was great for beginners. Today, we work closely with the Visual Retail Plus team and not the reseller due to their knowledge and availability for us. Visual Retail Plus is user-friendly. With this system, we know that our inventory is accurate and we enjoy the simplicity of processing credit cards through the software.

Kidd Russ Luggage

To learn more about how G.A.L. Inc. can help you improve your point of sale and inventory management system through VRP Point of Sale System Integration, call us at (201) 703-0091.

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